3 ripple effects from Commanders benching Sam Howell for Jacoby Brissett

Sam Howell
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Ron Rivera's fatal Commanders flaw

Ron Rivera is about to conclude his fourth season as Washington Commanders head coach and primary roster decision-maker. Jacoby Brissett will be his ninth starting quarterback during this span.

That - above all else - is a damning indictment of his ability to evaluate the position and do what's required to put his quarterbacks in the best positions to thrive. Something that will ultimately lead to Josh Harris' ownership group hitting the reset button once the final two games are in the history books.

Rivera claimed he was trying to protect Sam Howell by taking him out of the firing line. He also stated that the signal-caller's taken way too much punishment during his first season as the Commanders' No. 1 option under center.

Who saw that coming? Almost everyone but Rivera himself.

The former linebacker hasn't prioritized the offensive line throughout his head coaching tenure. Rivera relied on mid-level draft picks and suspect free-agent signings to paper over the cracks. This gamble failed to pay off once again and Howell has suffered as a result.

There's been almost no genuine on-field growth with Rivera at the helm. Failing to figure out how best to move forward at quarterback is a big reason. Not identifying the right players to enhance problem position groups is another.

This latest quarterback change isn't going to alter Rivera's fate when push comes to shove. It's just heightened the need for stability under a new regime that can form a clear, concise plan for sustainable success.