3 recently added Commanders who are already cut candidates in 2024

These Commanders players will be looking to avoid short tenures with the team.
Noah Igbinoghene
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Noah Igbinoghene - Commanders CB

There are a few concerns heading into the season. One of Adam Peters' biggest potential frailties during his early roster construction centers on the Washington Commanders' cornerback options.

This unit became a constant source of frustration during the previous campaign. They gave up chunk plays almost at will. Things got even worse over the second half of 2023 once Montez Sweat and Chase Young were traded before the deadline. Having no genuine pass-rush exposed the secondary's weaknesses in no uncertain terms.

Peters opted to tweak the corner room rather than do anything more drastic. Kendall Fuller's departure in free agency to the Miami Dolphins was an expected blow coming the team's way. Whether the Commanders did enough to fill the void remains to be seen.

Mike Sainristil looks like a difference-maker who could assist right out of the gate. Optimism is lower for free-agent signing Michael Davis after the veteran displayed signs of regression with the Los Angeles Chargers last time out. Benjamin St-Juste and Emmanuel Forbes Jr. are still around, but the need for them to progress cannot be overstated heading into crossroads years for both.

The rest appear to be depth pieces that could potentially make an impact on special teams. Noah Igbinoghene comes with more intrigue than most as a former first-round pick. However, injuries and previous poor production leave his fortunes hanging in the balance.

Igbinoghene could potentially be an asset. He's got the size, athleticism, and physicality Dan Quinn normally looks for in his defensive backs. The head coach worked with him last season and should know his capabilities. There's also a lot to like about his special teams' influence to further help his chances of making the team.

The Auburn product cannot get complacent. Igbinoghene should be fully aware that nothing will be given. Staying free of health complications is the primary objective. After that, the coaching staff believes his talent can shine through.

It would be a surprise if Igbinoghene didn't make the roster. But all it'll take is one or two others to outperform him over Washington's camp to change this.