3 reasons Sam Howell is the right Commanders quarterback for 2023

Sam Howell
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Commanders can move on quickly from Sam Howell

This is arguably the best reason of all. Landmark changes could be coming across the Washington Commanders when Josh Harris' ownership group formally receives approval regarding their $6.05 billion franchise purchase, meaning many within the organization find themselves firmly on the hot seat.

Ron Rivera is at the top of this particular list. Placing so much faith in Sam Howell is going to come with big repercussions one way or another, but if it all goes wrong and the head coach changes, the Commanders might also move off the signal-caller without much fuss if this scenario comes to fruition.

As a fifth-round selection, Howell is on an immensely team-friendly deal. He has a cap hit of just $960,400 in 2022, which rises to $1.07 million and $1.18 million over the final two seasons of his rookie contract - absolute chump change for a starting NFL quarterback.

This means there would be almost no financial repercussions if the Commanders decided to go in a different direction from Howell in favor of a big trade or a high-end draft selection. Cutting the player comes with a $180,800 dead cap figure next spring, although nobody aside from maybe the ownership group is considering such a notion with so much football ahead.

Howell not being part of the Commanders beyond this season is a worst-case situation, obviously. But almost anything is possible if the team cannot make legitimate strides next time around.