3 reasons Commanders HC Ron Rivera will see out the 2023 season

Ron Rivera
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Commanders future plans

The Washington Commanders look like they might be an attractive destination for a new head coach and general manager in 2024. They have an abundance of draft capital that could grow further if they trade someone else, with their salary-cap space looking like it could go north of $100 million available to further strengthen the ranks.

Not only this, but the Commanders have the potential for a top-three selection if their poor run of form continues. Weirdly, this could be another reason why Washington allowed Rivera to see out the campaign.

An interim head coaching appointment might galvanize the group to perform with more effort than they're currently displaying. Something that has implications for their draft standing and plans for the future if a few meaningless games were won before the season ends.

Josh Harris is renowned for being a patient owner. Giving Rivera the dignity of manning the football operation for the final four games of 2023 is a good look to prospective head coaching candidates next year.

They'll know Harris will give them time and space to implement their ideas. This isn't going to be a quick fix, so having an owner capable of sticking to a long-term plan for sustainable growth will be tempting to some of the top names during the upcoming cycle.

This also allows Rivera to go out on his terms. It's been a difficult reign in Washington for various reasons, so letting the respected figure leave with dignity is another good PR move after so much dysfunction under Dan Snyder.