3 reasons the Commanders are an attractive head coaching destination in 2024

The winds of change make the Commanders an intriguing head coaching destination.

Josh Harris
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Commanders are a blank canvas with ambitious owners

Nobody aside from a privileged few should feel like their jobs are safe next season. The Washington Commanders could legitimately gut the roster from top to bottom under a new owner and head coach. A scenario more than capable of coming to fruition if Josh Harris' ownership group hits the reset button.

This is not a team ready to contend right now. The Commanders represent a blank canvas of sorts. A sleeping giant in one of the country's biggest markets is ready to be awoken. That makes the franchise an appealing destination.

Many respected insiders suggest that there could be around 7-10 job openings when push comes to shove. Plenty of cap space and salary-cap room is all well and good, but the allure of working for Josh Harris and Magic Johnson cannot be overlooked either.

Harris and his wealthy team of investors are ambitious. They want to take the Commanders back to the NFL's top table sooner rather than later. They are also willing to do whatever it takes to make this dream a reality.

Washington now has a solid foundation from which to build. A clear plan is in place for sustainable success. Ownership who'll be present and accountable rather than hiding away on a luxury yacht to avoid conflict.

All these factors should ensure the Commanders have their pick of head coaching candidates when Ron Rivera is let go. Picking the right guy will be the biggest challenge.