3 realistic NFL Draft scenarios facing the Commanders at No. 2 overall

The Commanders have a franchise-altering decision to make...

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Commanders could trade down from No. 2

Last year, quarterbacks were drafted with the first three picks. There’s a good chance that will happen again this year, though Marvin Harrison Jr. could spoil the trifecta. If the Washington Commanders decide that Caleb Williams is out of reach and neither Jayden Daniels nor Drake Maye is a major step forward from Sam Howell, then they almost have to trade back.

Washington will get a lot of phone calls come draft day - and before. In an exact mirror image of the trade-up scenario, the Commanders might want to trade down with the New England Patriots at No. 3.

New England presumably would only be doing this if they significantly valued one of the quarterbacks other than Williams higher than the rest. According to the draft value chart (second – and final mention), the Commanders could expect to get third and fourth-round picks - No. 68 and 103 overall - if they were willing to flip first-rounders and move back to number three.

I don’t see a trade with New England happening. A far more likely scenario exists with the Atlanta Falcons at No. 8. They are desperate for a quarterback and would almost certainly be willing to move some assets to get a crack at Maye or Daniels. The entry price into the negotiation would be Atlanta’s first and second-round picks in 2024.

Then it gets interesting. Washington should at minimum demand the Falcons 2025 first-round pick. There has been some media speculation that Atlanta is prepared to part with 2021 first-round pick Kyle Pitts. After being picked No. 4 overall, the tight end has been a disappointment but is still just 23 years old and has a world of talent. The Commanders are in desperate need of playmakers, but a decision needs to be made on his fifth-year extension.

Drafting at No. 8 would almost certainly allow the Commanders to select one of the premier left tackle prospects - Joe Alt or Olu Fashanu. One of them will likely be off the board by eight, but not both.

That is what I would like to see. Milk the Falcons for as much as you can get. Get another second-round pick this year and a high selection in 2025. Get Pitts. Add the franchise left tackle.