3 realistic NFL Draft scenarios facing the Commanders at No. 2 overall

The Commanders have a franchise-altering decision to make...

Adam Peters
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Commanders could hold firm at No. 2

I suspect this is the slight favorite at this point. Deals are hard to make. Adam Peters and his staff will do their analyses and come up with who they want at No. 2. If it is one of the two quarterbacks currently slotted immediately after Caleb Williams - Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels - then this is a no-brainer.

The slight consensus right now is that Maye would be that choice. I think when all is said and done, it will be Daniels. I think his upside is higher. If you are going to swing big with this pick, you may as well take the biggest swing possible. That’s why there will be talk about trying to get Williams.

Daniels is not a perfect prospect, but if you listened to Dan Quinn’s presser, he specified that he wanted an offense that could make splash plays. The Heisman Trophy winner's two greatest strengths are his ability to throw deep and run. In other words - he fits the mold.

Jayden Daniels has the big splash ability Commanders head coach Dan Quinn wants.
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I also realize that some fans worry Daniels only had one big year. Was it a fluke? Is this another Dwayne Haskins situation? That is a ludicrous comparison.

Daniels started throughout four full seasons and attempted almost 1,000 more passes than Haskins in college. He did have a monster leap forward in 2023, but it came after steadily improving over his previous two campaigns.

Scouts will have a much better handle on how good Daniels is likely to be than they did on Haskins or a player like Trey Lance, who is no doubt much more on Peters’ mind. After all, he was part of the San Francisco 49ers front-office committee that gave up the earth for a signal-caller who made no impact and was traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

Still, Peters could decide that Maye is the better prospect. If he is not sold on either player, then the third strategy comes into play.