3 primary objectives for Commanders HC Ron Rivera to save his job beyond 2023

The Washington Commanders head coach has a tough task ahead, but the path is clear.

Ron Rivera
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What must Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera accomplish to get a reprieve from Josh Harris' new ownership group beyond 2023?

It's a new day in the nation's capitol and while the energy and optimism has skyrocketed since Josh Harris, Magic Johnson, and the new ownership group officially bought the Washington Commanders last week, there are major questions regarding the current staff in place.

While there are so many factors that go into play when analyzing Rivera's three years in Washington, the facts are simple. He has been the definition of mediocre.

While there's no denying Rivera is one of the more respected coaches throughout the NFL, Harris and the new ownership group has emphasized winning as the top priority. There is also a clear strategy in place based on his comments via The Washington Times, which might take some time.

"You win championships with the best people in the front office, the best coaching staff. You win by investing. You win by creating a fan experience where people want to come out and support the team. This is really hard. And you win by creating an amazing culture, which we talked about is about respect, inclusivity and diversity."

Josh Harris via The Washington Times

So how does Rivera and other influential figures within the organization survive past 2023? There are three distinct answers.