3 potential Achilles Heels and 3 solutions on the Commanders in 2023

Jamin Davis
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Commanders position flex ethos brings problems

The problem, which I think is endemic to this particular Washington Commanders coaching staff led by Ron Rivera, is that they are constantly asking players to perform in positions that do not suit them best. This all stems from recruiting versatility rather than position specific.

Jamin Davis should be playing the edge in a 3-4 front. Coming out of college, he was probably a little too small to play there, but with an additional 10-15 pounds, he could thrive in that spot.

He would rush the passer and occasionally drop into coverage. Davis' running reads would be easier and he could use his speed to chase down runners on the opposite side of the field. I think you will see him line up in this position more this year if his physical attributes take another leap forward.

Cody Barton is an ideal inside linebacker in a 3-4 base system. If the former Seattle Seahawk played behind a quality nose tackle, he could be a tackling machine.

Khaleke Hudson is probably better off playing the weakside role that Kevin Pierre-Louis occupied in 2020. The trouble is, the Commanders really don’t use one anymore. They have one of their safeties assume that role much of the time.

It became obvious last year that Washington’s base defense had become a 4-2-5. That’s not uncommon in this era of passing. On many downs, teams simply don’t need three linebackers on the field. Often they don’t even need two.

Except when they do.