3 post-draft moves Commanders GM Adam Peters must make in 2024

There are still moves to be made.
Adam Peters
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Commanders must add a veteran left tackle

The biggest need above all else once the Washington Commanders selected Jayden Daniels at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft centered on the left tackle position. Adam Peters opted to release Charles Leno Jr. and not bring in another veteran to replace him in free agency. Many expected the franchise to be aggressive in pursuit of solving this problem via the college ranks.

Washington made plenty of calls in an attempt to move back into the first round for one of the premium blindside protectors. Peters couldn't get a deal done, which left him playing the waiting game for a less-heralded option further down the pecking order.

The Commanders eventually settled on Brandon Coleman at No. 67 overall. While the former TCU standout is an accomplished, athletic performer with bags of experience, his lack of legitimate length led most analysts to the conclusion he'd be better suited to the interior in the pros.

Coleman will get a shot at becoming the franchise left tackle Washington needs. Cornelius Lucas is a solid if not spectacular backup option. But looking at the other possibilities, it would be wise for Peters to scour the free-agent landscape or trade market for a veteran edge presence capable of filling the void.

Even if it's just to take some heat off Coleman's development initially, it should be considered. Throwing a rookie into the deep end before they're ready is a recipe for disaster. Peters might feel confident in Lucas, but he's probably more of a swing option at this late stage of the lineman's career.

Again, the Commanders have more than enough financial flexibility to bring another experienced veteran with proven NFL production into the fold. Finding the right guy is tricky at this stage of the offseason. But if anyone can unearth a potential gem who's been overlooked up to this point, it's Peters.