3 players the Commanders must keep quiet vs. 49ers in Week 17

Chase Young is among the players that the Washington Commanders must keep quiet in Week 17.

Chase Young
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Commanders need spies for Christian McCaffrey

Keeping Christian McCaffrey bottled up requires a team effort, but one or two individuals can play a key role for the Washington Commanders. Ron Rivera must employ spies to track the NFL MVP candidate wherever he goes.

Putting and maintaining eyes on No. 23 will be vital because of the roving brief he has in the San Francisco 49ers' offense. McCaffrey will flex into the slot, split out as a wide receiver, or simply catch a screen out of the backfield and make defenses pay a heavy price.

More than where he lines up, McCaffrey is special because of the many ways he can attack teams. He thrives on the outside zone-stretch runs the Niners love, but he's also a major threat on counter and gap runs in between the tackles.

McCaffrey showed his power through the interior for this touchdown run against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16.

A 21st score of the campaign underlines McCaffrey's considerable threat. The Commanders need a player like Kamren Curl to spy him wherever he goes and lead the charge to stop the Niners' most effective skill player.