3 players Commanders could trade during 2024 NFL Draft season

Which players could Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters potentially trade before, during, or after the 2024 NFL Draft?
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Adam Peters has been incredibly active throughout a memorable offseason so far. The Washington Commanders are handling the football business more professionally under the respected front office figure. However, this project was always a gradual route back into playoff contention rather than expecting miracles immediately.

Peters has the roster in better shape following a flurry of free-agent moves. There's been no sentiment attached to his decision-making process, with several fan favorites allowed to leave without much of a fight in favor of what those in power believe are better options.

If Peters can navigate the 2024 NFL Draft successfully, it'll give their hopes of better fortunes a tremendous amount of good. The Commanders are loaded with selections to find instant contributors and improve depth in positions of need. There's also the small matter of finding a franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall to factor into the equation.

This might also see more players depart via trade if Peters feels like it's the best thing to take the franchise forward. With this in mind, here are three players the Commanders could ship out either before, during, or after the draft.

Commanders could trade Phidarian Mathis

It's been an incredibly frustrating start to Phidarian Mathis' time with the Washington Commanders. His rookie season ended after just a few short snaps due to injury. The defensive tackle began 2023 on injured reserve before returning to the rotation, where he was largely ineffective and unable to impose himself.

The Commanders could be in the market for another explosive young interior force to place behind Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen on the depth chart. Adam Peters does have Mathis and John Ridgeway as backups currently, but the general manager shouldn't hesitate if he thinks an upgrade can be sought at some stage.

If this scenario comes to fruition, the Commanders might begin taking calls for Mathis during or after the 2024 NFL Draft. Whether there would be any legitimate interest in the former second-round pick out of Alabama given his first two years in the league is anyone's guess, but teams are always willing to part ways with a late-round selection in the hope a player like this can reach his potential in a different environment.