3 pivotal traits the Commanders must adopt for 2023 success

These traits could get the Commanders into playoff contention in 2023.

Ron Rivera
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Commanders must adopt ruthlessness

This particular trait separates the also-rans from the legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Having that mentality to finish off the opposition with ruthless conviction no matter the circumstances.

One could make a case that this has been lacking under head coach Ron Rivera. Poor situational football obviously plays a part, but there didn't seem to be any sort of ruthlessness where the Washington Commanders are concerned when push came to shove.

To say this needs to change when competitive action commences once again in 2023 would be an understatement. Washington cannot afford to be tentative and take the safe approach in key moments - going bold and executing with far greater effectiveness is the only way Rivera is going to enhance his own job prospects under Josh Harris' ownership group.

The Commanders have talent and should improve in key position groups such as the offensive line and cornerback. They also have Eric Bieniemy leading the charge on offense - a man who's been around a potential Kansas City Chiefs dynasty over the last decade and knows exactly what it takes for a team to get over the hump.

That is exactly what the Commanders need heading into such a critical season. But anything less than a ruthless attitude across the board could come with obvious and serious ramifications attached.