3 overlooked questions preventing Commanders growth in 2024

It'll take more than just a quarterback...
Terry McLaurin
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What is the Commanders plan at CB?

According to Pro Football Focus, Kendall Fuller graded out as a top-five cornerback in 2023. The new regime let him walk.

They also didn't give Kamren Curl a new deal. Though that is more understandable seeing as he never truly built upon his stellar rookie campaign, one can't help but imagine what he would look like outside of a team coached by Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio.

The Washington Commanders are left with Emmanuel Forbes and Benjamin St-Juste. They also brought in Michael Davis from the Los Angeles Chargers. James Pierre and Noah Igbinoghene are backup pieces at best. This is a group that needs work.

Even if Forbes becomes a legitimate No. 1 option, a modern-day NFL team requires a congregation of players capable of shutting down any number of offensive weapons. While Davis is not a bad player, replacing Fuller with him is a regression.

One has to imagine that Adam Peters still has some more ideas up his sleeve. Like the wide receivers on offense, if the Commanders don't get some more help in the cornerback room, the 2024 playoffs are going to be a long shot. Even if Forbes does turn out to be a fabulous player, Washington is still short of options.

There's also a chance Forbes' confidence has gone completely after an abysmal rookie campaign. If that happens, the Commanders could have another top-10 draft pick next year.