3 overhyped players Commanders fans need to pump the breaks on in 2023

Commanders fans should temper expectations on these players initially in 2023.

Emmanuel Forbes
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Sam Howell - Commanders QB

Ron Rivera's decision to move forward with Sam Howell as his starting quarterback in 2023 is a gamble of epic proportions. The head coach's track record regarding evaluation at football's most important position is sketchy at best, so if the former fifth-round selection fails to provide improved consistency, it'll be the excuse Josh Harris' ownership group need to make some substantial changes.

Howell knows what a big opportunity this is and he's taking nothing for granted. The signal-caller's left no stone unturned in pursuit of progression this offseason, putting in extra time and developing a close working relationship early on with Eric Bieniemy - a man who'll be integral to any success that comes the Washington Commanders' way next season.

There are many within the media that believe Rivera is pulling off a masterstroke by installing Howell as the starter. That might be the case, but erring on the side of caution and ignoring the hype initially is the preferred approach from a fan perspective.

While there is plenty to like about Howell's improved mechanics and escapability from the pocket, he has just one start under his belt. Accuracy under pressure can also become an issue and there is just no telling how the signal-caller will cope for a full 17-game slate.

This is a voyage into the unknown for Howell and the Commanders. So just sit back, enjoy the ride, and hope this is the answer to the team's prayers under center.