3 free agents Commanders should sign before 2024 mandatory minicamp

The Commanders need more help heading into the 2024 season.
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Commanders should consider Stephon Gilmore

Another area where the Washington Commanders could use some extra help is the cornerback spot. Kendall Fuller's departure in free agency was anticipated. But it was surprising to see Adam Peters not address his outside coverage options with more urgency throughout the offseason.

Michael Davis should help providing he can return to the form of old. The Commanders believe there is more to come from Benjamin St-Juste and Emmanuel Forbes under more accomplished coaches. While that could prove accurate, there's just no telling for sure.

The Commanders might want to see how each aforementioned cornerback performs when things get more intense before taking any further action. If those in power make another move, Stephon Gilmore boasts the credentials and proven production that could provide short-term assistance.

Gilmore remains on the market, but that might not be the case for much longer. The former first-round selection is biding his time and knows his worth. The one-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year is eager to resume playing. However, he isn't planning on taking a veteran discount despite being advancing in age.

This makes a ton of sense. Gilmore is familiar with Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr.'s demands from their time together last season with the Dallas Cowboys. He's still performing at a high level, giving up just 55.8 percent of targets and an 82.7 passer rating when targeted. The South Carolina product's presence in the locker room could also provide some helpful hints to St-Juste and Forbes for good measure.

There isn't much chance of Gilmore staying on the proverbial scrap heap for much longer. He's one of the best remaining free agents available and will be an asset wherever he lands. If the Commanders haven't already, they'd be wise to call the player's representatives to see what it might take for him to join the ranks.

Whether it's Gilmore or someone else, the Commanders have to add another capable body to their cornerback room. Anything less could see unnecessary complications emerge.