3 former Commanders who could be future Hall of Famers (and 6 who won't)

Could these players become enshrined in Canton soon?

Brian Mitchell
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Joe Jacoby

Since we don’t know when Trent Williams will call it quits, Joe Jacoby is probably the next player associated with the Washington Commanders franchise who will get a bust in Canton. He has been close several times, including this past year when he made it into the final 12 for Seniors consideration.

Only one member of the famous Hogs - Russ Grimm - is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Given their impact on the field and their legacy off it, Jacoby should remain a strong candidate.

The phenomenal Lawrence Taylor has endorsed his selection, as has Randy White. He was arguably the best left tackle in the league for the first half of his career and has both personal and team success to show for it.

I think Jacoby will get in over the next few years. As a senior candidate, he will not be competing against the likes of Marshall Yanda or Joe Staley next year. The Philadelphia Eagles' Al Wistert, who played nine years in the 1940s, was the only other offensive lineman to advance into the seniors finals this past season.

I think there is a very good chance Jacoby will be getting the call at some point in the next several years.