3 extremely early frontrunners to become Commanders first-round pick in 2024

Some names are already coming to the fore...

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Commanders could draft Marvin Harrison Jr.

  • Wide Receiver | Ohio State Buckeyes

Now for the wildcard.

The Washington Commanders wide receivers have vastly underachieved this season. Much of that has to do with the offensive line, but this could be another position group the new regime addresses as a matter of urgency next spring.

Aside from Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson, one could make a case for everyone else being moved on. Curtis Samuel is having a decent year, but the do-it-all weapon is out of contract and might not stick around if he gets a better offer from elsewhere.

While the Commanders have more than enough money in free agency to acquire a prolific veteran, the allure of drafting Marvin Harrison Jr. might be too tempting to ignore. The Ohio State playmaker is regarded as the best wide receiver to emerge from the college ranks in a generation, even though this completely ignores the need for a prominent offensive lineman.

Harrison is the complete package. His route-running is elite. His ball skills are nothing short of extraordinary. The player always comes through in the big moments despite being the focal point of opposing coverage schemes.

It's looking like the Commanders might have a top-three selection looking at their schedule. With Caleb Williams and Drake Maye listed as the consensus top-two picks, Washington might get first refusal on Harrison when it's all said and done.

This is a lot like when the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Ja'Marr Chase over Penei Sewell in 2021 despite their clear need for offensive line assistance. Could the same situation occur with the Commanders?