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Commanders OL becomes an area of strength

The Washington Commanders have retooled their offensive line once again. Whether they've done enough is another matter.

Sam Cosmi at the right guard position was the only guaranteed returner. The Commanders have elected to go with Andrew Wylie alongside him. This seems questionable on the surface. But with Adam Peters' track record of roster-building, perhaps he sees something in the veteran most don't.

Perhaps he also knows that the wheels of Jayden Daniels, along with the new pass-catching abilities of Austin Ekeler out of the backfield, and a group of tight ends that should be a collectively strong group of blockers, could help the offensive line in other ways.

After all, the philosophy of Eric Bieniemy last year could have easily been the reason for the woes of Wylie and company. With a changed game plan devised by offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, maybe the personnel on the right side was not seen as the primary problem.

Daniels' blindside is a big question unless rookie third-rounder Brandon Coleman makes strides quicker than anticipated. If the former TCU standout starts and thrives, the quarterback should not be taking the same amount of sacks as Sam Howell did last year.

How can the offensive line help the quarterbackow can everyone el? How can everyone else help Washington's new-look protection?

Daniels does not hold on to the ball as long as Howell does. Just for the record, this is a problem the recent departure exhibited throughout his entire collegiate career at North Carolina as well.

With new and improved quarterback play, faster decision-making, a revamped left side of the line, as well as improved game-planning, then the Commanders' current line should be able to become a key cog in the team's success. But that's no guarantee given the questions surrounding the unit heading into the 2024 season.

A lot of this will once more depend on the speed of play which Daniels shows.