3 dream scenarios for the Washington Commanders in 2023

Nobody would complain if these scenarios came to fruition.

Ron Rivera
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Commanders win the NFC East

The NFC East went from a proverbial disgrace to the NFL's most competitive league almost in the blink of an eye. Had it not been for some late errors and results that could have gone either way for the Washington Commanders, all four teams within the division would have reached the postseason in 2022.

This is a far cry from the Commanders winning the NFC East almost by default with a losing record just a few seasons ago. The division now boasts the NFC Conference champions in the Philadelphia Eagles, with the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants also looking to build on relatively positive campaigns.

Simply put, this could not be a bigger challenge for the Commanders. Especially considering the pressure within the building on almost everyone in positions of power once Josh Harris' ownership group gets their $6.05 billion franchise purchase confirmed.

Washington's chances of winning the NFC East appear pretty slim. But that won't be a sentiment echoed by those players, who all know they weren't a million miles away last season despite almost no consistency on offense.

Winning the division and securing a home playoff game might change everything. It would also force Harris' hand and guarantee Rivera got another year at the helm after such an exceptional accomplishment.

This notion might be unlikely, but this part of the offseason is one for dreaming of what can be achieved. And the Commanders have better personnel in place than most in a weak-looking NFC overall.