3 dream scenarios for the Washington Commanders in 2023

Nobody would complain if these scenarios came to fruition.

Ron Rivera
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Eric Bieniemy spearheads Commanders offensive revolution

Drastic change was needed across the Washington Commanders' offense heading into the 2023 campaign. This critical area of play quickly became a weak link during the previous season, which came as a result of porous offensive line play, quarterback instability, and a coordinator in Scott Turner that lacked the creativity needed to thrive within the modern-day NFL.

Thankfully, this was also something recognized by Ron Rivera and other influential figures behind the scenes. Turner was fired, Carson Wentz was released in favor of giving Sam Howell a shot under center, and the protection received an upgrade thanks to numerous arrivals via free agency and the draft.

However, no acquisition was more important than Eric Bieniemy. Convincing the respected offensive guru to leave the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in favor of the Commanders came at a significant financial cost and Rivera also provided the aspiring head coach with increased responsibilities to further sweeten the pot.

If Bieniemy can work his magic with Howell and maximize the exceptional skill position players at his disposal, it's hard to envisage a scenario where the offense doesn't take a substantial surge forward. Should this dream scenario come true and the defense also lives up to its lofty end of the bargain, there's just no telling what the Commanders might be able to accomplish in 2023.

It would also likely be Bieniemy's one and only season in Washington with the promise of a long-awaited promotion elsewhere during the next head coaching cycle.