3 critical observations from Commanders trading Montez Sweat and Chase Young

Chase Young and Montez Sweat
Chase Young and Montez Sweat / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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What were some critical observations from the Washington Commanders' decision to trade Montez Sweat and Chase Young before the deadline?

Montez Sweat or Chase Young? Chase Young or Montez Sweat? If you had “All of the Above”, then you’re a winner in the 2023 edition of the Washington Commanders Firesale Sweepstakes.

Like many of you, I was monitoring Tuesday’s trade updates with great interest. Looking at the buzz, I knew full well that one of the Commanders' two defensive ends was likely to be traded.

I was bothered by rumors that safety Kamren Curl might also be on the block. That would have made no sense to me. As much as I like and respect Kendall Fuller and Logan Thomas, I would have understood moving either veteran for a decent offer.

But I went into yesterday thinking that the Commanders would trade Sweat and that would probably be the end of it. He made the most sense from Washington's point of view and that of any potential trade partner.

For the Commanders, as good as Sweat is, one could argue Young still has a higher ceiling. If the former No. 2 pick stays healthy and continues his development, he could be a truly game-changing edge defender. Just check the tape of the Commanders-San Francisco 49ers games in 2020 during his rookie season.

Sweat is much more of a sure thing - which would appeal to any contender looking to bolster their defensive line for a playoff run. I figured he was gone, and maybe one of the other veterans like Fuller might join him.

I never thought the Commanders would trade both young edge defenders. I don’t know anyone who did.

You have probably already seen lots of “trade grade” pieces. I’m on board with the consensus. Sweat for a second-rounder represents solid value. And since it’s the Bears, that pick should be high up in Round No. 2,  not far from where Sweat was originally selected in 2019.

Young for a conditional third-rounder - which could become a second, based on criteria that I have yet to see - seems like a steal for San Francisco. Leonard Williams recently fetched a second and fifth-round pick, and the Ohio State product shouldn’t be that far behind him.

The fact that the New York Giants are paying off the bulk of Williams' remaining salary is what made him more attractive to the Seattle Seahawks. Even so, the Commanders should have wrangled an additional Day 3 pick out of the Niners.

That’s all history now. So let’s look at the ramifications of these two blockbuster trades, past, present, and future.