3 critical observations from Commanders QB Sam Howell at early offseason workouts

Sam Howell
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Commanders QB Sam Howell is striving for greatness

It's been an impressive opening to early off-season workouts for Sam Howell. However, the quarterback won't be getting complacent during their brief summer break before training camp.

This is just the start of Howell's hard work. Camp is going to be a bigger test of his credentials when the pads go on and the signal-caller also faces a stern challenge during the Washington Commanders' joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens.

Howell knows the job is far from finished. He'll be studying hard in the coming weeks based on his comments via John Keim of ESPN, watching tape from Eric Bieniemy's glory days with the Kansas City Chiefs, highlighting the importance of communication, and making sure he is fully prepared to take command of the huddle at Washington's training camp.

"I feel like I’m a lot better. Once I knew we had E.B. [Bieniemy] I was watching Kansas City film and seeing what they were doing. I was able to match up my footwork. Coach EB says it all the time, to overcommunicate clarity. Just saying one more word, one more code word that means something they need to hear. Now I can talk to the guys, let them know the plays. It challenges me more as a leader and allows me to be more vocal just because of the fact we’re in the huddle and I can see everybody."

Sam Howell via ESPN

Howell came in as QB1 and did nothing to dispel this notion throughout early off-season workouts. Jacoby Brissett is breathing down his neck, but all signs point to the Commanders starting the second-year-pro in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals.