3 Commanders whose names are guaranteed to be in trade rumors this offseason

Could these Commanders be on the move?

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Sam Howell - Commanders QB

It looked for a long time as if Sam Howell might be the guy to become the Washington Commanders' next long-term starting quarterback. Results weren't all that great over the first half of 2023, but the signal-caller's consistency and gradual progression left Ron Rivera in no doubt he'd found the franchise presence at long last.

Sadly, things tailed off pretty dramatically thereafter.

Howell regressed considerably. Eric Bieniemy put too much pressure on his young shoulders, almost beating the running game from his overall strategy. The offensive line was a joke aside from Sam Cosmi. Mistakes were frequent. Problem areas in terms of mechanics and decision-making didn't get better. Had it not been for Jacoby Brissett's unfortunate hamstring injury, the former fifth-round selection would have been benched for the final two games.

With a new coaching regime and front office in the process of being hired, Howell's future looks bleak. This is without considering the Commanders hold the No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft. Something that puts them in a position to take either Caleb Williams or Drake Maye depending on how things play out.

What this means for Howell's aspirations with the Commanders is undetermined. Keeping him around on a cheap contract in a backup capacity should be considered. There could also be a team or two that might see him as a potential option via trade depending on the asking price.

Rumors will surface as the weeks go on. All Howell can do is sit back and see if anything concrete emerges while working on improving away from the facility.