3 Commanders players benefitting from Jayden Daniels' smooth transition

These players are thriving thanks to Jayden Daniels' presence.
Jayden Daniels
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Terry McLaurin - Commanders WR

Terry McLaurin hasn't had any consistent quarterback play since joining the Washington Commanders. The wide receiver remains underrated as a result despite achieving 1,000-yard receiving seasons for the last four years. With Jayden Daniels raising expectations across the franchise, this is arguably the most important tandem of all on the offensive side of things.

McLaurin is suitably impressed by what he's seen from Daniels over early offseason workouts. He's commended the player for adopting the right mindset and working hard to prove himself to more established veterans. The wideout is also making his presence felt during his initial development, passing on helpful hints to raise performance levels where the promising signal-caller is concerned.

This is being reciprocated. Daniels is not afraid to let McLaurin know his demands and what's expected within new schematic concepts. The fact that the No. 2 pick is voicing his opinion to an undisputed locker room alpha speaks volumes.

If McLaurin and Daniels can keep pushing each other throughout the summer, they should be able to hit the ground running when the regular season arrives. The former third-round pick out of Ohio State knows how integral his rookie signal-caller is to the team's overall success. Keeping up his high production and lending advice when needed can only mean good things in 2024 and beyond.

Every first-year quarterback needs a strong presence in the passing game to depend upon. They needed a primary target to seek in crucial moments. Someone capable of coming through in the clutch when yards are needed.

McLaurin ticks those boxes in no uncertain terms. He remains at the peak of his powers despite all around him crumbling on Eric Bieniemy's offense last time around. If Daniels meets his end of the bargain - which looks possible based on early impressions - a career year for the pass-catcher might not be too far behind.

Daniels is the answer to McLaurin's prayers. It's integral this partnership flourishes if the Commanders want to rise from the ashes and back into contention.