3 Commanders holdovers who could play a significant role in 2024

Out of all the returning players, these three could make all the difference.
Darrick Forrest
Darrick Forrest / Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports
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The Washington Commanders' final roster is going to seem like a brand new team is being put out there. In a way, it kind of is.

With changes on all fronts and even former key players such as Kendall Fuller being let go, there are a few players who survived Adam Peters' roster cull that should have the potential to prove their doubters wrong. This can help the franchise turn a difficult corner.

If these players can fit into their new roles, and if the new regime utilizes them better, they could be a reason that the Commanders find themselves playing meaningful football late into the season. Here are three holdovers integral to the team's chances for growth in 2024.

Jamin Davis - Commanders LB

We've all seen it. The poor play, the bad angles, the coverage faults. We've also seen Jamin Davis surrounded by a group of linebackers that couldn't guard a pie baker, and coached by a staff that had no idea how to use him. After being selected as a first-round pick out of Kentucky, he has been underwhelming so far.

The difference this year is that Davis is not being asked to lead the group of linebackers. He has been downgraded to the third option behind Frankie Luvu and Bobby Wagner. Others such as Jordan Magee out of Temple are breathing down his neck for playing time.

This demotion could be great for Davis. Not only will he have less pressure to perform and be able to play freer, but he will also be able to learn from two of the best in the game. This should boost his game exponentially, especially if the Commanders begin deploying him more on the edge.

Davis may not yet be a great No. 1 option, but he will be fresh and have fewer responsibilities. The long-term benefits of this are obvious. As for the upcoming season, expect the second-level presence to show those flashes more frequently.

After all, when he does flash on tape, he seriously flashes.