3 Commanders games that must be on primetime schedule in 2024

Are these games worthy of primetime consideration?
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There may be no organization in the entire NFL as ready for the league's schedule release as the Washington Commanders. They have been waiting not years, but decades, for the 2024 season - the definitive beginning of a new era.

In their first year under the guidance of Adam Peters and Dan Quinn, the Commanders are set to play all four teams from the NFC South and the dangerous AFC North. This will include home games against the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Commanders will also travel down the road to the Baltimore Ravens for the eighth time in their history. This could turn out to be one of the most electrifying quarterback battles between reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson and No. 2 pick Jayden Daniels.

The team that finished dead last in the NFC East this last season will also go up against other bottom-dwelling teams such as the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, and Tennessee Titans. With all of that said - adding in the two games against their division rivals - which of these matchups would the NFL benefit most from putting on primetime in 2024?

Commanders at Cowboys

This may seem like quite the typical choice for obvious reasons. It is one of the most storied rivalries not only in the NFL. Given the close connections between the two this offseason, it will also make for great drama.

This game could be a passing of the guard. The Dallas Cowboys have recently had the Washington Commanders' number in terms of overall organizational success, but things could soon shift.

While the Commanders hope to be on the come-up, there is an extraordinary amount of pressure on the trio of Jerry Jones, Mike McCarthy, and Dak Prescott in Dallas. This game could carry a much greater weight than many realize.

Dallas will surely be out to prove that Dan Quinn, Joe Whitt Jr., and others have messed up and will have to pay the price for showing what could be seen as disloyalty. Meanwhile, Washington's head coach is aiming to prove he was a big reason behind their success. To send this message while in enemy territory would add serious insult to injury.

It's got ancient, primal stakes written all over it. With the addition of Jayden Daniels to Washington, he will be trying to begin asserting himself not only as better than Prescott but as the best quarterback in the NFC East.