3 Christmas crackers from the Commanders 2023 season

It hasn't been all bad for the Commanders in 2023...

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Commanders new owners

When push comes to shove, this is the brightest spot of all. Something most Washington Commanders fans have been praying to see in their Christmas stocking for the best part of two decades.

After tireless negotiations, Josh Harris' ownership group finally struck a deal with Dan Snyder to purchase the Commanders. It cost $6.05 billion - a league record. It also completely galvanized a fanbase who'd become demoralized and disillusioned almost beyond repair thanks to the previous owner's incompetence.

There wasn't much time to implement change before the season. Harris' group improved the fan experience at training camp and during regular game days through quick investments. They also sat back and assessed the football operation, learning how things work before taking any drastic measures.

With the Commanders flattering to deceive in 2023, new owners began making their presence felt. Jack Del Rio was fired. Chase Young and Montez Sweat were traded. Eugene Shen came in as the team's new analytics guru as part of Harris' preferred method of approach. Based on multiple reports from respected insiders, the reset button will be hit in just a few short weeks.

It's an uncertain but exciting time. The Commanders are positioned to be an attractive destination for coaches, front-office figures, and players alike. If the new owners hit home runs with their upcoming hires, it won't be long before Washington football is thriving once again.