3 candidates the Commanders must turn to after Ben Johnson snub

Ben Johnson will not be the Commanders head coach.

Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Commanders could hire Mike Macdonald

This is where it gets interesting.

Ben Johnson pulling out of the running completely changes the dynamic for the Washington Commanders and Seattle Seahawks. They bided their time to speak with coaches involved in postseason activity. This diminished the pool of options available, but both franchises thought it was a risk worth taking.

All eyes immediately go to Mike Macdonald. The Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator is another highly touted candidate who's been nothing short of phenomenal this season. It wasn't enough to get the AFC North team over the hump, but his stock hasn't been impacted by their home loss against the Kansas City Chiefs to stumble at the final hurdle.

Macdonald's innovative concepts have been a joy to watch this season. He's also got experience working under both Jim and John Harbaugh in recent years, so he'll know how to lead and bring the best out of his players in pursuit of a common goal.

The Commanders interviewed Macdonald for a second time on Monday. The Seahawks are also expected to make a bold bid and have him in the palm of their hands today. Thanks to the Johnson news, he now has all the leverage.

Unlike Slowik, Macdonald seems to be the No. 1 consolation prize for the Commanders. Whether they can secure his services or not is the big question.