3 burning questions the Commanders offense must answer at training camp in 2023

Eric Bieniemy
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How much can Eric Bieniemy propel the Commanders?

As previously stated, the Washington Commanders pulled off a major coup by landing Eric Bieniemy earlier this offseason. Many were shocked when the respected figure decided to leave the Kansas City Chiefs, but it was clear he had to do something after being overlooked yet again during the 2023 head coaching cycle.

Getting a pay rise, full control of an offense, the ability to choose his own staff, and becoming a leading voice in personnel were factors that proved too tempting for Bieniemy to ignore. And he's wasted no time in shifting the offensive culture throughout early workouts.

Bieniemy has been vocal, demanding excellence from the players under his tutelage. He's holding people accountable and leading from the front, which has got everyone from the most established figures to those looking for a roster spot pulling in the same direction.

It's a new system, so there's a lot of information for the players to take on board. While the play-caller was a little lenient to a certain extent over the opening installation phase, that won't be the case when practices begin in Ashburn and the 2023 campaign draws closer.

Just how much Bieniemy can shift the needle will be arguably the most critical factor of all. There doesn't appear to be much stopping Washington's defense from becoming dominant, so a leap forward from the Commanders' offense could be all it takes to make a postseason return.