3 bold Washington Commanders predictions in 2024 free agency

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Adam Peters
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Commanders sign veteran QB, trade Sam Howell

Of course, the Washington Commanders have one major complication to resolve this offseason. They must come up with a viable plan at the quarterback position to stand any chance of making a better go of things. Anything less is organizational malpractice.

Adam Peters is about to show his hand, to a certain extent. The general manager hasn't given much away up to now, but what moves the Commanders make in the coming days will have grave ramifications attached.

All signs point to the Commanders selecting a quarterback at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. That seems like the best course of action - one that gives Peters a rookie contract to build around and a long-term option capable of potentially leading the franchise to future prosperity. What that means for Sam Howell's future is unclear right now, but it won't take much longer for that to change.

Howell flashed promise last season but struggled to legitimately impose himself. One could argue that the coaching staff set him up to fail, but that won't matter to Peters. He'll have an objective view of what needs to be done and won't hesitate to pull the trigger if he feels like it's the best thing for the franchise.

If the team signs a veteran backup option, Howell's time in Washington will be done. Rumors suggest interest would be relatively high on the trade market, which is something Peters could look to exploit as he passes the keys to Commanders' kingdom onto a college upstart.