3 bold Sam Howell predictions for Commanders vs. Cardinals in Week 1

Sam Howell begins his first season as an NFL start against the Arizona Cardinals.

Sam Howell
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Sam Howell secures 100% red-zone TD success rate

One thing that separates the good quarterbacks from the great is making red-one opportunities count. Something that Sam Howell needs to accomplish in no uncertain terms to ensure his big opportunity with the Washington Commanders goes off without a hitch.

The Commanders struggled to put points on the board consistently last season. This has led to big changes on the offensive side of things, with Howell manning the plate despite his lack of experience and Eric Bieniemy also coming into the fold after helping the Kansas City Chiefs win another Super Bowl.

Bieniemy and Howell have developed a blossoming relationship throughout the preparation period. The play-caller should also know exactly how to maximize his skill set with full offensive control for the first time.

As previously stated, the Commanders have more than enough weapons to make things extremely uncomfortable for the Arizona Cardinals, who recently traded away Isaiah Simmons and also lost J.J. Watt to retirement. If Howell can make the right decisions and Bieniemy schemes things up with ruthless efficiency, then big improvements in the red zone won't be too far behind.

If this results in Howell securing a 100 percent touchdown success rate within the 20-yard line, I'll be a comfortable afternoon at the office for Washington.