3 bold predictions for the Commanders at Browns in Preseason Week 1

The Commanders get their preseason schedule underway in Cleveland tonight.

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Commanders DE K.J. Henry gains 2.5 sacks

It was clear that the Washington Commanders and K.J. Henry were always destined for each other. The defensive end's father is a lifelong fan of the franchise and there was a sense of urgency from those in power to get him on board, trading up in the fifth round to secure his services.

Henry has the physical profile needed to become a decent contributor over time. There have been flashes of this throughout camp, although getting starting opportunities on the Commanders' defensive front that is loaded with top-tier talent seems unlikely unless injury strikes.

Considering the injury issues with Chase Young and Phidarian Mathis last season, Henry and others should remain on their toes. The former Clemson star also has the frame to potentially move into a pass-rushing outside linebacker role if all parties are willing.

This is something the Commanders could experiment with during the preseason. Getting Henry as many reps as possible over the next three weeks will be invaluable for the player's development and could even push his way into Jack Del Rio's plans along the way.

Gaining 2.5 sacks would be a dream start for Henry all things considered. It's highly unlikely, but these are bold predictions for a reason.