3 bold Commanders predictions vs. the Cowboys in Week 18

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Sam Howell
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Sam Howell plays turnover-free

Sam Howell will become the first Washington Commanders quarterback to start every regular-season game since Kirk Cousins in 2017. Considering the punishment he's taken throughout the campaign behind a pathetic offensive line, he can consider it an accomplishment. Even if those in power were planning on benching the struggling signal-caller before Jacoby Brissett's unfortunate injury.

What the future holds for Howell beyond this season is undetermined. It doesn't seem likely he'll get another shot to start under a new coaching regime - especially if the Commanders hold onto the No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft. This leaves him facing the prospect of being a backup or perhaps used as trade bait if a willing suitor comes forward.

Howell's last outing against the San Francisco 49ers was the story of his season. The first half was extremely encouraging. The second saw the former fifth-round pick tail off dramatically as the Commanders fell to their 12th loss.

Leaving a good impression before embarking on an uncertain offseason is the minimum requirement for Howell. The Dallas Cowboys boast an opportunistic defense capable of making life extremely difficult. Something the player experienced first-hand during Washington's massacre on Thanksgiving.

If Howell can somehow play turnover-free football, that's all anybody could ask from the gunslinger. Looking at his error-prone efforts of late, don't put any money on it.