3 ambitious goals for the Commanders under Dan Quinn in 2024

Dan Quinn has big ambitions to take the Commanders forward.
Dan Quinn
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Commanders win the NFC East

The Washington Commanders have newfound ambitions. They are sick of languishing among the NFL's bottom feeders. Now is the time to take positive strides and make those around the league look at their aspirations differently.

Everything is in place to improve. Some questions remain around the offensive line - especially on the edge - and the outside cornerback options, but this group looks much improved.

Dan Quinn got a positive response from his players over early offseason workouts. If the same trend continues throughout the summer, it would be a major disappointment if the Commanders fluffed their lines in a competitive setting.

Not many are expecting the Commanders to regress. Analysts are projecting improvements in some capacity. But how much can Quinn galvanize his troops in Year 1 of his head coaching tenure?

Watching their progress over the first few games will go a long way to determining their fortunes. Getting off to a strong start is crucial. If early momentum is generated, there's no telling what this team might be capable of with Quinn leading the charge.

The Commanders reside in a tough division. Two NFC East teams - the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys - harbor hopes of making a deep postseason run. Those within the New York Giants are also anticipating growth despite losing running back Saquon Barkley. Washington has its work cut out in pursuit of a potential playoff spot next time around.

It's a tough ask, but not impossible. If everyone meets their targets and rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels thrives immediately, they can make some noise. If things go better than anticipated across the board, a potential NFC East title challenge enters the equation.

This seems like a pipedream, but it's something Quinn and his players will be aiming for. The bar has been raised, but others within the division are preferred until further notice.

The Commanders might not win the NFC East. But if they can get close, it's a sign things are heading in a positive direction.