3 ambitious goals for the Commanders under Dan Quinn in 2024

Dan Quinn has big ambitions to take the Commanders forward.
Dan Quinn
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Dan Quinn wasted no time in bringing new life to the Washington Commanders. The head coach took on some harsh lessons during his previous stops in pursuit of maximizing his second opportunity in the top job. His tenure is still in its infancy, but everything seems to be going according to plan so far.

Quinn generated instant respect among his players. He surrounded himself with trusted figures on the staff and his playing personnel. This smoothed the transition and got everyone on the same page quickly. Again, it's only early, but there's a growing sense that something special could be in the team's future after so many positive changes throughout the offseason.

Expectations are growing among the fanbase. Tempering these initially would be wise, but Quinn is harboring big ambitions to wake this sleeping giant and get them back to their rightful place among the NFL's elite sooner rather than later.

With this in mind, here are three ambitious goals for the Commanders under Quinn's guidance in 2024.

Commanders reduce touchdowns per game average to 2.3

One of the biggest failings of the Washington Commanders last season centered on defensive frailties. The team couldn't generate any consistent pass-rush and conceded big plays at will. All motivation was lost and opposing offenses had their way with Ron Rivera's men during another campaign to forget.

The Commanders ranked dead-last in touchdowns per game conceded with an average of 3.5. This was simply unacceptable - something Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr. will aim to rectify at the earliest possible opportunity.

Quinn's defensive accomplishments need no explanation. He's one of the league's brightest-ever minds in this area of the field. Stopping teams from getting into the end zone without a fight is the primary objective.

If the Commanders can drop their touchdowns per game average at season's end to 2.3, it's a big step in the right direction. This would only place them middle of the pack based on recent years, but this number makes it a lot easier for Washington to be more competitive.

It would also give the offense a fighting chance. That's all rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels might need looking at his exceptional skill set.