10 underrated moves the Commanders made in 2023 offseason

Ron Rivera
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Commanders fired John Matsko

As previously stated, the Washington Commanders' offensive line was an absolute abomination in 2022. This resulted in a revamp of playing personnel and the starting unit, but it also resulted in veteran coach John Matsko being removed from his duties following Eric Bieniemy's arrival.

Bieniemy had a harsh sit down with Matsko and it's clear there was a difference of opinions. Even though the departed coach has been a close associate of Ron Rivera's, this was the freedom given to the assistant head coach as part of his big-time switch from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Matsko is an old-school figure who couldn't get a tune out of the options at Washington's disposal. No replacement has been confirmed as yet, but this could be the fresh start everyone needs for better consistency.

Commanders drafted K.J. Henry

With Chase Young and Montez Sweat both out of contract in 2024, the Commanders managed to get themselves a contingency plan for the long term if one ends up departing the franchise. Those in power waited until Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft before making their move, trading up for promising defensive end K.J. Henry out of Clemson.

Henry's father is a Washington fan and he boasts the athletic profile needed to potentially do some damage. There won't be any immediate pressure on the edge presence to contribute right away, which could be the best thing for the rookie's early development behind such a prolific starting duo.

It could go either way with mid-round selections. But the acquisition of Henry might be seen as a draft steal in the coming years if the Commanders progress his exciting set of physical attributes.