5 undrafted free agents most likely to make Commanders roster in 2023

(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) Xavier Henderson
(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) Xavier Henderson /
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Which undrafted free agents recently signed have good chances to make the Washington Commanders 53-man roster in 2023?

After drafting seven new players last weekend, the Washington Commanders continued building their 2023 roster by hitting the undrafted free-agent market. To date, they have signed 12 players to contracts, who’ll look to firmly establish themselves and potentially earn roster spots as rookies.

There are people who argue that going the UDFA route can actually be better for a player than being a seventh-round draft pick. The thinking goes that UDFAs will sometimes have multiple teams competing for them and can therefore pick the spot where they think they have the best chance to make a roster.

In the case of highly-coveted UDFAs – usually a quarterback or two – they sometimes can negotiate a nice-sized signing bonus as well. The New England Patriots paid former Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham $200,000 to sign.

That seems especially odd for a team that already has two young quarterbacks on its roster, but when you consider what Bill Belichick did with former college quarterback Julian Edelman, maybe it isn’t so strange. Look for Cunningham to line up in multiple spots for the Patriots in 2023.

Cunningham aside, it generally is not advantageous to be an undrafted free agent. Though it’s true that in terms of raw numbers, more UDFAs make NFL rosters than seventh-round picks, there are a lot more floating around out there. Their odds are not as good as those of a player in whom the franchise has invested a draft pick.

So do the latest signees of the Commanders have a chance of sticking? Let’s take a quick look at which UDFAs could make Wasington’s roster in 2023.