5 things Dan Snyder got critically wrong as Commanders owner

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Overseeing the Commanders’ toxic workplace culture

The preceding items have been largely public relations fiascos or management missteps. This topic opens the possibility of criminal behavior.

Prior to 2020, there had been occasional rumblings. Suggestions of improper workplace activities related to female staff and the cheerleaders. But these rumors were brushed aside more often than not.

Then, in July 2020, 15 former employees leveled detailed charges of a pattern of sexual harassment that could no longer be ignored. The charges dated back as far as 2006.

In typical fashion, Dan Snyder was absent from any team response. There was a statement issued – with no names attached – which claimed that the team takes any such allegations seriously. They commissioned their own investigation, which they assured everyone, would get to the bottom of it all.

Richard Mann and Alex Santos were among the executives named in the report that were suddenly fired. Play-by-play man Larry Michael, also named in the report, announced his retirement. These were just the first of the dominos to fall.

This issue is ongoing. We do not know where it will end, and I will not speculate as to what may still come out. I will only say that we now have enough evidence to know that Snyder presided over a workplace that was openly hostile to women.

And that’s the most charitable read on this.

As with all other problems, Snyder has tried to cover it up with impotent PR moves and attempted to hide in hopes that the furor will simply die off. It seems apparent to me that up until now, the NFL has been complicit in this strategy.

Selling the franchise may be the ultimate move along these lines. It appears that Snyder is once again running from an ugly story in hopes that it will disappear. At least this time, he has almost universal support across the Washington Commanders fanbase.

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