4 key roster decisions Commanders new owners could influence in 2023

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(Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images) Josh Harris /
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Commanders QB plans

Ron Rivera has been steadfast in his belief that Sam Howell and Jacoby Brissett will be his quarterback options heading into a crucial fourth season at the helm. But after the trade for Carson Wentz failed spectacularly and lasted just one season, he better be right this time around.

Rivera knows the consequences of what could happen if he gets another important decision at football’s most prestigious spot wrong. With a new ownership group set to be confirmed, they might have grander plans for the position long term rather than relying on a fifth-round selection and a journeyman acquired in free agency.

It’s unlikely Rivera will lose his job before the campaign. But the leash is now shorter than ever before and unless Howell or Brissett takes this offense forward under Eric Bieniemy’s guidance, the repercussions are going to be franchise-altering.

Howell has upside and Brissett performed well as a starter with the Cleveland Browns last season. However, this is a quarterback-driven league, so the new ownership group might determine a bigger name is needed to shift the Washington Commanders’ landscape.

While there are few notable options available currently unless the Commanders’ stance changes where Lamar Jackson is concerned, the onus is on Howell and Brissett to provide much-needed stability under center. Otherwise, big changes could be afoot in 2024.