What next for Commanders sale after Jeff Bezos bombshell?

(Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports) Jeff Bezos
(Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports) Jeff Bezos /

What comes next for the Washington Commanders and any potential sale by Dan Snyder after Jeff Bezos is rumored to be out of the running?

After receiving two formal bids for the Washington Commanders, it’s been nothing but constant rumors with little substance ever since. Dan Snyder was said to be holding out for a bigger offer – with Jeff Bezos linked heavily with the franchise despite the friction between the Amazon founder and the team’s current owner.

Everyone was waiting on Bezos – Snyder included. Perhaps in the hope that a man with a $120.9 billion net worth according to Forbes could swoop in with an offer nobody else could match.

However, that doesn’t look like it’s going to pay off for Snyder if two recent reports are any indication.

Jeff Bezos reportedly out of Commanders ownership race

Puck News stated that Bezos is unlikely to throw his hat in the ring. A.J. Perez from Front Office Sports went one step further, claiming there would be no bid coming from his direction after investigations from a  New York-based investment firm to explore the possibility.

"Bezos hired the sports banking firm Allen & Company to explore a bid for the team in February, and reps for the firm have monitored the bidding process in the weeks since. Ultimately, the world’s third-richest person decided not to bid on the Commanders. There’s a feeling within Bezos’ camp that he has been used to push the bidding by others in the franchise to a higher level, the source said."

This could be a blow for Snyder in his hopes of extracting as much as possible before riding off into the sunset. What this means for the Commanders’ sale overall is undetermined, but it might speed things up with no other candidates set to enter the fray.

The NFL owners have yet to force Snyder’s hand. However, with Bezos now reportedly out of the running, they might insist he accepts the offer from the group led by Josh Harris or the bid from Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos.

Considering Snyder initially bought the Commanders for $800 million, he’s making a generational profit even with $6 billion. So holding out for more is nothing more than greed at this juncture.

Some fans will be disappointed Bezos won’t be the owner. Others just want an end to this long, drawn-out affair that seems to take a different turn every minute.

Maybe Bezos has decided to wait around until his hometown Seattle Seahawks come up for sale. Or maybe, he didn’t want to give Snyder the satisfaction.

Either way, this is the biggest remaining domino to fall aside from the sale confirmation itself. If those around Snyder had any sense, they’d be doing everything in their power to convince him to sell up quickly to end this once and for all.

Bezos had the financial clout to blow the two official offers out of the water. Now that’s rumored to be off the table, Snyder must take what’s in front of him.

Anything less is stubborn, inconsiderate, and delaying the inevitable.

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