3 primary factors that finally caused Dan Snyder to sell the Commanders

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Pressure to sell Commanders from NFL owners

Although other NFL owners were apprehensive about officially voting Dan Snyder out with forced removal, it might have been a different story behind the scenes. It’s clear something had to be done to get him to sell up, even if publicly it was a relatively united front in pursuit of making things less complicated than they needed to be.

According to multiple reports, the NFL owners set a deadline of May 22 for the Washington Commanders sale. This is in time for the next batch of meetings where they supposedly wanted to vote in the successful bidder.

Snyder’s never been one for taking orders and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get his own way. There might be an extra set of demands in terms of charge anonymity before he agrees to go, which the NFL will probably grant just to rid themselves of this dark cloud once and for all.

Influential figures such as Jerry Jones and Jim Irsay knew the writing was on the wall. There was just too much baggage to justify anything else than Snyder selling the Commanders with a healthy profit attached.

From a fan’s perspective, this was always about the destination and not the journey. Nobody cared how we got to this point, just so long as Snyder packed his bags and left town after years of dragging the Commanders to the depths of despair.

When the sale goes from probable to something official, it’s party time.

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