Commanders News: Sale update, Sam Howell, Hard Knocks and Bill Belichick

(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Sam Howell
(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Sam Howell /
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The Washington Commanders are navigating their way through another dramatic offseason. Some dominoes have already fallen while others could drop imminently, which will have long-term implications for the franchise next season and way into the future.

Monday’s news cycle around the league brought some interesting tidbits from the Commanders’ point of view. These included an update on the potential sale, the possibility of Washington appearing on this summer’s Hard Knocks, the growing confidence in quarterback Sam Howell, and a wild notion that centered on Bill Belichick replacing Ron Rivera as the team’s next head coach.

Let’s delve a little deeper into each topic.

Commanders DB wants no part of Hard Knocks

The Washington Commanders are one of four teams eligible to feature on HBO’s annual Hard Knocks series this summer. This is always one of the most insightful elements of the offseason period from a fan standpoint, even if it can become invasive for players who are fully focused on preparing for the new campaign.

This news didn’t go down well with Commanders defensive back Jeremy Reaves, who made his feelings known in no uncertain terms on social media about Washington being selected for the series.

This might be a moot point in any case. Looking at the potential Hard Knocks candidates, it’s highly like that once Aaron Rodgers gets traded to the New York Jets, the AFC East team becomes the runaway favorite to feature.