NFL owners hoping to avoid further conflict with disgraced Dan Snyder

(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder
(Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder /

A recent report suggests NFL owners are hoping to avoid further conflict with Dan Snyder ahead of the potential sale of the Washington Commanders.

It appears as if Dan Snyder might not be the hot topic of discussion as anticipated during this weekend’s NFL owners’ meetings in Arizona. The Washington Commanders are in the process of being sold, with numerous potential bidders doing their due diligence ahead of taking over a once-proud franchise before the 2023 season begins.

There seems to be a new story with every passing day surrounding the billionaire, who will leave under a significant cloud when the sale is eventually confirmed. The Commanders have endured nothing but misery under his leadership, with below-standard facilities and concerning allegations proving to be the straw that broke the camel’s back where Snyder is concerned.

Owners will not force the issue with Dan Snyder and Commanders’ sale

While there was speculation linking other owners with forcefully removing Snyder from the equation, that doesn’t appear likely. A report from The Washington Post stated that there will be no vote to speed up the process given that the Commanders are still in the process of being sold.

"“NFL team owners will pause consideration of removing Daniel Snyder, sources say, while awaiting what occurs with his attempt to sell the Commanders, his efforts to be indemnified and the league’s investigation.”"

This pursuit to avoid further conflict with Snyder is telling. Other owners are hoping that everything resolves in a satisfactory manner, although there is real nervousness among the fans given how difficult he’s made things up to this point.

If nothing gets confirmed in the coming weeks, they might take matters into their own hands. However, this might make Snyder even more stubborn along the way.

The Commanders haven’t let this impact their football business. Not yet, anyway.

Snyder reportedly pushing back bonus payments to avoid footing the bill himself is the biggest indicator yet that a sale could be imminent. But it’s something fans have heard countless times in recent weeks with very little substance attached.

They don’t care how or when it happens, just so long as Snyder is gone and the team can finally start looking forward to a prosperous future. The dawning of a new era, so to speak.

Another revelation from Charles Gasparino from FOX Business stated that Snyder was also willing to accept a bid from Jeff Bezos after initially refusing to consider the notion. The reporter added that the NFL was not putting any pressure on him to sell – it’s entirely his decision.

"“People close to Commanders owner Dan Snyder say he isn’t opposed to Jeff Bezos placing a bid for the team and they have communicated that to Bezos’s people. These people say Snyder’s animus to Bezos over coverage issues has been overblown. Also overblown these people say: NFL pressure on Snyder to sell. It’s his decision for a variety of reasons.”"

Expect the worst and hope for the best. That’s the best advice for now given how things are currently unfolding.

Snyder’s reign of terror is almost at an end. While that piles more pressure on head coach Ron Rivera next season, any ownership change could also raise Washington’s urgency to a level that brings about improved performances for good measure.

And at the end of the day, this is all that matters to fans.

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