3 reasons the Washington Commanders could still disappoint in 2023

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Commanders don’t get enough from Sam Howell

If Sam Howell beats out veteran Jacoby Brissett for the starting quarterback job, the Washington Commanders’ hopes in 2023 rest squarely on his shoulders. This is a feast or famine move that could go either way, so the coaching staff needs to be 100 percent convinced he is the right man to lead the team to a more prosperous future moving forward.

Howell left a good impression in Washington’s season finale, which should give the former fifth-round pick confidence heading into his second offseason. He remains inexperienced at the NFL level, so there’s just no telling for sure how he’ll fare from a prominent position on the depth chart.

The Commanders insulated Howell well throughout his rookie campaign. Had Carson Wentz made a better go of things when installed back into the lineup, there’s a good chance the North Carolina product wouldn’t have seen the field at all.

That’s for the past. What’s important for Howell is taking on coaching, developing chemistry with teammates, and performing at a high level with more responsibility on his shoulders this time around.

If Howell cannot accomplish this feat, then the Commanders have a significant problem on their hands. Brissett is steady and could potentially come in, but this wouldn’t do Ron Rivera’s job prospects any good if his young signal-caller fluffs his lines.

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