Examining Commanders’ NFC East rivals after frenzied start to free agency

(Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports) Darius Slay
(Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports) Darius Slay /
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How are things shaping up for the Washington Commanders’ rivals within the NFC East after a busy start to free agency in 2023?

Compared to some other teams, the Washington Commanders have had a relatively quiet start to the 2023 off-season. They secured some help for a beleaguered offensive line. They said goodbye to a couple of fan favorites. The biggest on-field move was locking up stalwart defensive tackle Daron Payne to a long-term deal.

Off the field, they brought in top-tier offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy. And there’s another little story floating about the internet concerning team ownership – but I have resolved to write no more about that until a deal is actually done.

All in all, I think the Commanders have taken a smart, measured approach to the off-season. If they nail the draft, they will begin 2023 with an upgraded roster.

They will need it.

The three other teams in the NFC East all made the playoffs last season, and all have the quarterback position resolved. You can quibble over Dak Prescott and Daniel Jones, but they’ve each won playoff games for their teams. The Commanders cannot say the same.

We’ve written a lot about what the Commanders have done, and may still do, before September. So today, I thought I’d offer a brief update on what the rest of the NFC East has been doing through the opening weeks of free agency.

Each of the Commanders’ rivals has had its own set of issues to resolve. Here’s where they stand so far.