4 Commanders entering make-or-break situations in 2023

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Ron Rivera – Commanders HC

This will be Ron Rivera‘s fourth season at the helm and the Washington Commanders have a lot on the line. Missing the postseason by the narrowest of margins in 2022 was a blow, but there’s nothing to suggest another bold bid cannot be made next time around if everything goes according to plan this off-season.

Rivera seems focused and has the right staff in place to achieve his objectives. However, with the prospect of a different owner coming on board who’ll want to make their presence felt immediately, it makes his seat one of the hottest heading into the campaign.

The situation is probably water off a duck’s back to Rivera. He’s experienced enough to know how things work and went through something similar when David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers from Jerry Richardson, who passed away this week aged 86.

Washington has the talent. So if Rivera and other influential figures within the organization identify the correct incomings in free agency and the draft, it will stand them in extremely good stead.

Talk is cheap for Rivera. All that matters is producing a winning football product and the rest should take care of itself.

Easier said than done, obviously. But the foundations are there to accomplish this attainable goal when competitive action resumes.