3 primary factors behind Carson Wentz’s demise with Commanders

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Commanders couldn’t regain Carson Wentz’s confidence

Once a quarterback starts losing confidence, it’s a long road back. The Washington Commanders felt they could regain this for Carson Wentz, but the former No. 2 overall selection was too far gone and this became evident whenever he was put in critical situations.

Being hesitant is the worst thing any NFL quarterback can do. Opposing defenses smell it from a mile away and have no trouble exploiting certain flaws that can emerge as a result.

Wentz found that out to his cost, completing 62.3 percent of his passes for 1,755 yards, 11 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. His passer rating of 80.2 and 33.0 QBR further highlighted his difficulties under center.

Accepting a backup role somewhere is probably the best Wentz can hope for right now. This will be a humbling experience for such a highly-regarded player when he came out of college, but it’s the reality after three consecutive years of inconsistent performances.

The Commanders made the only feasible call by releasing Wentz. And they did at least set up his contract to benefit the organization in the event expectations weren’t met.

Although it might be difficult to accept, sitting on the sidelines for a season or two could be the best way for Wentz to regain confidence. Something that was sorely lacking in Washington and was arguably the biggest factor in this trade not going according to plan.

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