LeSean McCoy gets ratioed beyond measure for Eric Bieniemy take

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) Eric Bieniemy
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) Eric Bieniemy /

It didn’t take long for LeSean McCoy’s take on Eric Bieniemy joining the Washington Commanders to get ratioed beyond measure.

Eric Bienimey’s move to the Washington Commanders has been a huge topic of discussion among fans and analysts alike this week. The assistant head coach/offensive coordinator should arguably have a top job already, so stepping out of Andy Reid’s shadow and making it on his own represents the best possible chance for the respected figure to achieve his eventual goal.

Bieniemy is getting a lofty pay rise in Washington. He’ll also run his own offense, secure staff capable of helping him reach specific goals, and also have a leading voice in terms of offensive recruitment to further enhance his credentials.

The move has been almost unanimously supported by former players and coaches who worked closely with Bieniemy on the Kansas City Chiefs. However, one wasn’t so complimentary when discussing the coordinator’s chances of carving out a successful role for himself elsewhere.

Eric Bieniemy’s credentials questioned by LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy, who played just 13 games for the Chiefs – nine of which he started – made some bold claims about Bieniemy that centered on the coach having almost no involvement in the passing game plans. The former running back claimed this was all Andy Reid and nothing else.

As expected, it didn’t take long for McCoy’s comments to get ratioed by current and ex-players. The likes of Tyrann Mathieu, Tyreek Hill, Jamaal Charles, and Josh Gordon all came out in support of Bieniemy, indicating that the two-time All-Pro’s comments were down to his inability to make a go of things in Kansas City before eventually being cast aside.



This is exactly why Bieniemy needed to make this switch. The Commanders can offer him something Kansas City couldn’t in terms of calling plays and devising the scheme capable of getting a talented offense out of the wilderness and into a productive force.

If Bieniemy can maximize the skill position stars in Washington and also work his magic on quarterback Sam Howell, it’s all systems go. However, the Commanders also need to help their new play-caller by solidifying the offensive line by any means necessary.

McCoy might be a little bitter, and that’s fine. Not every player and coach see eye-to-eye, but to come out and say Bieniemy had no involvement whatsoever is asinine considering the comments from Reid and others before and after his departure.

With Bieniemy set to make speak publicly for the first time since the switch was confirmed on Thursday, we’ll get a broader insight into his thoughts and what enticed him to depart Kansas City for the Commanders. Something that will no doubt heighten the excitement among fans heading into a pivotal 2023 offseason for the franchise.

Bieniemy doesn’t have to justify himself to McCoy or anyone else for that matter. If this ends up being the final stage that lands him a head coaching gig, then the player-turned-analyst and anyone that’s ever doubted his credentials will be eating their words.

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