4 replacements if the Commanders cannot retain Daron Payne in 2023

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Who could emerge as potential replacements if the Washington Commanders cannot retain defensive tackle Daron Payne in 2023?

After Daron Payne put together a career season at just the right time, the Washington Commanders have themselves a problem. Waiting to offer the defensive lineman an extension means they have to shell out much more than originally anticipated or let him test the market this spring.

Payne took a major leap forward in 2022, at least from a pass-rushing standpoint. The former first-round pick notched 11.5 sacks, which is likely to see his demands go through the roof as a result.

Washington has plenty of cap space they can clear to ensure Payne gets the going rate. It’s also worth remembering that the team has significant needs elsewhere in pursuit of a postseason return.

Nothing can be ruled out at this stage. But if Payne is allowed to walk, here are four potential replacements the Commanders could target in 2023.

Replacement No. 1

(Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports) Moro Ojomo /

Commanders could draft Moro Ojomo

The Washington Commanders would need to find high value in the draft considering their need for better options at cornerback and along the offensive line. If Daron Payne left, then perhaps examining the capabilities of Moro Ojomo could be worth its weight in gold.

Ojomo went relatively overlooked during his time at Texas, but he possesses enough explosiveness and power to make an immediate impression. Something the Commanders would need without Payne causing havoc.